My character slows to a crawl while all monsters do not

I am playing along fine then out of the blue my Barb slows down like he is stuck in glue. During this time all the attacking monsters are running at full speed. I do a Hammer of the Ancients attack while this is happening and the barb freezes up and then executes the attack in sony super slow mode. But everything around me is not in slow mode. So I get hit about 30-40 times before I hit them back. This will go on for about 5 seconds or so and then I am back to normal speed. It happens whether or not I have an etheral weapon equiped, and regardless of the skill I am trying to use. I will be in normal speed for a bit and then I am in slow mode again. It may be happening to me when there are a lot of monsters on the screen.

Wearing Stone Gauntlets or got them in the cube?


Amazing how many players put those on without reading what they do, isn’t it?


Maybe at five stacks they should replace the hero’s avatar and just display a rock instead.


Not using Stone Gauntlets at all. I will be going along fine then I start a Whirlwind attack and the barb is frozen in one position for a few seconds. All the monsters are hitting me 10-20 times before I start Whirling again. It will return to normal speed, whirling away, then slow down or even freeze again. I know its not my PC because I can play my season 23 Whirly Barb without any slowdowns at all. I never seen anything like this in D3 and I have close to a thousand hours (maybe more) playtime.

Ok, fair enough, not Stone Gauntlets then.

Only other thing it sounds like it could be is that you’re running out of Fury. That’ll make your WW stop, and enemies attacking you will restore it, allowing WW to start again. Seen that happen all the time on my own WW barb.

If it’s not that, well shoot, I’m fresh out of ideas.

Your first suggestion is correct. I was wearing Stone Gauntlets. I replaced them with different gloves and now I am running full speed. Im still lvling to 70 so I slapped them on without thinking through the actual effect they had. Now I know…

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