Mundunugu question

First time playing WD. Wondering if someone can explain something I’m seeing while using Mundu Spirit Barrage.

I’m up to ~GR120-125. On the rift guardians, in the beginning of the fight, I’ll go through several rotations of Spirit Barrage build up/detonations (from The Barber). During that beginning part, it only does about 3-5% worth of the guardian’s HP. Then all of a sudden it jumps from ~97-95% to insta death.

What’s going on that I’m not seeing?

It’s due to the accumulate damage by the Manitou rune and the Barber legendary effect.

You don’t “see” it directly, but Spirit Barrage/Manitou accumulate a lot of damage, by its power, the Barber, Gazing Demise and Bane of the stricken.

So the damage accumulates, accumulates again and again and… BOOM!

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Ah, multifaceted. Thanks!

Another WD question.

Arachyr Spiders, the offhand mojo Shukrani. Looking at the maxroll guide’s stat priority list, it doesn’t include the Mana Regen (which always rolls on Shukrani).

Since resource regen is usually pretty helpful, is the guild saying it’s not needed and should be rolled off for something else?

Mana Regen isn’t really interesting because you can regen it (as well as Life and CDR) via the Grave Injustice passive :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Thanks again! Never played WD at length before, if you can’t tell. lol

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The mana regen bonus on 6 piece Mundunugu doesn’t do any damage. You don’t want mana regen.