Multiple HC characters died because server problems?

What happened, multiple HC players reported in public hardcore chat to died at simultaneously tonight for a sudden disconnect? Could you Blizz just restore those accounts that died because of this connection interruption of your service?

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It happens. Welcome to hardcore. The lagmonster and DCboss are your worst enemy.

I’ve been playing all season long without DC issues until the last 24 hours. Suddenly I’m getting DC’d running bounties and even the dreaded 1016 error. Hundreds and hundreds of hours of play time without an issue. Now, with nothing changing on my end, I get repeated failures which makes me think this is an issue at Blizzard. Fortunately I was only running T16 bounties and my toons are pretty much unkillable there so I haven’t lost anything. But I’d love to get back to running EN’s and GRs and those I won’t likely survive if I get DC’d.

Interenet seems slow today, just got kicked off Diablo III with error… very slow to log in
Just got booted off again with some error. seems dangerous for HC