Multiple Followers?

is it a good idea to level multiple followers? My Templar is pretty well geared now, should I level my sorceress?

Build guides will generally recommend which follower to use but usually it comes down to a choice between…

  1. Templar provides healing and extra resource generation
  2. Enchantress provides 10% Cooldown Reduction and/or 10% extra elemental damage
  3. Scoundrel gives some crit chance, but I don’t think he’s ever recommended

I’d suggest gearing up your Enchantress too. That way, if you chance to a build where CDR or Elemental is more valued than heals, you can use her. Also, if you make another hero, you can always swap her gear to that hero’s Enchantress.


Scoundrel is suggested by Maxroll for Wave of Light, but I don’t know of anyone that actually uses him.

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I switched to my Enchantress… actually moved my Templar’s gear over (except weapon). Played a bit, got her some new pieces, did low level gems and before you know it, she specs way better than me! Not sure I did such a comparison with the Templar, but there it is. Normal?

All followers are at your level, it’s only about equipment.
Templar for heal and Sorc for Coldown reduction or dmg buff are most worth it. But it depends on your build and what you are doing (speedfarming, pushing, etc.)

Best and most detailed guide about followers: