Mouse/keyboard support for D4 on consoles

I pre-ordered the PS5 version of the game, because sadly I don’t own a gaming PC anymore. Cross-play solves the issue of some of my friends not playing on console, ok, but then I was searching for wheter mouse and keyboard will be supported and I found nothing. This NEEDS to be implemented.

Besides PC I also have diablo 3 on my switch because I wanted to have a mobile version of it for my travels but DAMN, using a controller is T E R R I B L E!

As a hardcore player, having the necessary precission on where to land hits and skills is extremely needed, so PLEASE tell me this will be supported when the game hits!


That would require the game to have additional support for a mouse/keyboard on a console whereas it is much easier for them to not bother with the resources and make it controller-only which can then, mostly, be copied (some changes are naturally needed) for controller on PC. The reverse is not true.

Yeah, console really need mouse and keyboard support.

Why would it not be true?

If PC client can have two UIs it is hard to imagine the console client could not.

I’m aware that there’s a system which allow to plug keyboard/mouse on a XBox Serie X and configurate the keyboard/mouse as if it’s a joystick. So, even if the game doesn’t support keyboard/mouse on this console it’s no problem as the keyboard/mouse become the joystick.

I don’t know if this system is available on PlayStation though, many games support keyboard/mouse on XBox S (which is the cheap version) but I never heard about someone using the system to configurate keyboard/mouse to act as a joystick on it.

You might want to look at PlayStation to know if such a system is available, I’m pretty sure it’s the case.

Definately not gonna bother looking for “fixes” or 3rd party devices (that be the case) for using it. If the console itself has native mouse and keyboard support then they should implement it on the game.

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You plug keyboard and mouse in. We don’t know if supported or not in all fairness, if it wasn’t, you key bind. Like hello? Your response reads off as: idc if it’s exactly the same I won’t bother! Lol

My answer was: if I plug keyboard and mouse in my PS5 and it’s NOT supported BY THE GAME (even tho the console recognizes the devices), and to key bind I am REQUIRED TO BUY A 3RD PARTY DEVICE, then I won’t do so!

I would honestly love to see this implemented. I am in the same boat, no more gaming PC but would love to be able to use mouse and keyboard on my PS5 for D4. I played the first 3 diablos on m&k and am nervous I won’t enjoy the game as much on controller.


Im in the same boat. I use a Mac for work so I’m limited to games. I mainly just play Blizzard games which in the past was never an issue since they use to make there games available to PC and Mac.

I have an Xbox and I was hoping that I would be able to use my Keyboard and Mouse with D4. It be a big bummer if you can’t. I even bought a device that switches my keyboard from my Mac to the Xbox with a click of a button!

Fingers Crossed it will work! I guess we wont know for sure until beta right? Has anyone gotten any updates?

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Im curious if anyone has tried this on console for D2 or D3?

D2R on console does not have KBM support


Please support mouse and keyboard on consoles, if you would be so kind. I no longer have a good PC, but using a controller gives me chills! You’ve already done it in Call of Duty games!

Thank you!


+1. I used to play D3 hardcore (several top100 on leaderboads) on my mac as I am a medical student and it is unpractical of me to have a gaming rig (travelling a lot).

However I do have a PS5 and I will buy the game on my PS5 if it supports mouse and keyboard, but only if it does so. I predict I will hate playing diablo with a controller due to my hardcore nature with the game.


PLEASE make D4 M+K available for PS5!!!


Hi there! I have a similar situation as some people here. Cant afford a good gaming PC any more and I have switched to PS5 cause there are a few games supporting mouse+keyboard and I can afford it. I was very happy, when I have heard, that Diablo4 will be available also on PS5 and I will definitely buy it and also every season pass, but only if it will support mouse+keyboard. And some of my friends are thinking to do the same, cause they are also ex - PC players.


Please like this post! If there are enough of us that want it they will implement it!

Sony had an official post stating KB+M Support and then two days later that line was taken out!

I personally cannot justify buying the game unless there is keyboard an mouse support for PS5.


Blizzard, could we get any news here please? I wrote the support already, but no answer, they told me to check the Diablo 4 website . That is really low. That is an easy question, we‘ve got.
This highly influences the buying decision.

I want Kb and Mouse control option for the Xbox Version.


Vote for KB+M Support.


You’re not going to need to change your controller settings to act like a mouse.
I think theyre going to let you have a mouse setting and controller settings seperate, and youre going to have to play with the controllers default UI.

I think letting you play with a keyboard on a console should be as easy as just picking ‘PC settings’, Microsoft if anyone should make this transition easier.

What we want:
To be able to switch between controllers and keyboard freely.

Honestly, i want this for my dad, he played d3 for years, and i got him a xbox, but he doesnt want to switch to console cause its unfamiliar.

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