Mortal Drama and Belt of Trove Need Further Buffs

After several hours of LoD/thorns testing, I believe that the The Mortal Drama and Belt of the Trove need another 100% added to their current bonus. At 500% multiplier each, the LoD based builds max out around GR 135 (non-seasonal, for paragons circa 5K). Given where AoV sits right now, a 600% bonus to each would bring the builds closer to 140 and, thus, into GR relevance. Otherwise, there is no particular point of playing those builds.

What ? A6I2 bomb crusader is easily the strongest crusader build currently, why would you want to buff it even further ?

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You are almost 10k paragons. If you cant even do GR140 in 1 key as A6I2 Sader, your probably doing it all wrong.

I have already cleared GR 144 in 13:31 (no conduit) and RG was Rime. If RG was something that doesnt run around that much, it would be a sub 11min clear.

Other than that people may enjoy playing those builds. Please don’t assume that GR pushing is the “be all end all” for everyone.

A6I2 is not a LoD build (see my first sentence).


If Blizz buff further, many folks would clear 150 with A6I2.

Please see my response to Kikaha. LoD thorns, not A6-and subvariants.

The 500-to-600 jump is a relative power adjustment suggestion, not an iron-clad demand. Equivalent result with balance in mind was the aim of my post. How we get there is less relevant.

I agree with you, of course, re GR150 clears.


True, Synamin, but game balance is more fun than lack thereof. So, given a choice of balancing the game, I would rather take it than neglect it.

But buffing the belt & weapon would buff the already most powerful crusader build. And LoN bomb and A6I2 have very similar playstyle, so why focus on something that already exists and can be played instead of something that doesn’t (roland, hammerdin, blessed shield come to mind) ?

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I don’t disagree with any particular point, Kikaha. In fact, I very much agree with all the other balancing suggestions, which you made.

Unfortunately (as I am not a fan of the LoN-Bomb playstyle), Blizz has created LoN-Bomb v2 in form of A6I2. How to get around that while strengthening LoD is a planning session for Blizzard. They, after all, are in charge of coding.

Perhaps, bearing in mind what Doraemon said about GR 150 clears, Blizz needs to add LoD-build specific items, which target specific build variants within the LoD spectrum. Blessed Shield is a perfect example, in fact. The stats on the flail and shield could be buffed thus making the LoD Blessed Shield a balanced, competitive option, yet without altering the Legacy of Dreams Gem.

Just thinking out loud of course. Details are what future patches are for.

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Blizzard has a history of destroying items in the sake of not making sets stronger. Look at shield of fury, ivory tower to name a couple recent ones. Maybe they should add a secondary power to items that boost its abilities if no set items are worn.

If you really want get LoD version on par with A6I2, just buff LoD gem. Easy.


It will be better to remove 99 cap on LOD gem. Thus it will benefit not only for sader also for other characters


They can just buff Heart of Iron to compensate, or do something better with V. Spiker Shield (Perma Iron Skin with Reflective Skin rune would be a good place to start, or just double sheet thorns damage after casting Provoke)

Both of those items don’t fit into A6I2 bombs unless they make the 4th cube slot permanent.

No buffs needed. I made 141 solo in eu leaderboards. i have only a liitle less under 5.700 paragon.

yeah 5.7k should be able clear 145-147 if boss is good because 140-142 can be achieved by 3k paras. Already tested in post nerf ptr. I was 3k paras and 1 keyed 138 and 139.

Maybe i can go in this range (145-147) in far future. The only problem is to get the perfect gear. Some stuff from me is not very good at all. Its so hard to farm this perfect gear.

Next patch it will probably be nerfed to the ground. So I wouldn’t use so many mats in reforging to get perfect items.

Just wanted the I6 to be viable… :disappointed_relieved:

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I tried some runs as elite killer in speed runs, with Invoker + Crimson + Norvald build and I have to say that Invoker 2-p nerf has killed this build: damage is so much low that Bombardment build is nearly more effective in killing elites too.
Also new mechanics of Norvald works bad with Invoker since when you ride the horse to get Norvald bonus, you loose stacks of 2-p, so it’s clunky and not funny at all.

Otherwise 6-p Invoker buff is not enough to compensate the missing thorns stack.
Definetly Invoker has been killed.

2-p bonus must be reversed to 350% per stack until 25 stacks. Bombardment build has to be nerfed in other way.

A 8k paragon friend of mine told me it had took to him more than 2 minutes to kill RG in a 140 Tier, so another fact which confirms this way Invoker can’t be played.

@ Christyandos,

Yeah. 6pc invoker is ruined by blizz because they wanted nerf A6I2. We already told them in ptr how to do it but they dont want to listen.

The proper way to nerf A6I2 is to swap the 2pc with 4pc.

A6I2 cannot use 4pcs invoker to still enjoy the 350% damage because crimsons is mandatory for 100% uptime in prophet and 16s back to back bombardment.

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