More hell-viable builds?

I’d like to see more character builds viable for Hell difficulty available in Resurrected. Patches on the original game expanded build options. For instance, a summoning or “zookeeper” Necromancer was made viable for Hell with a patch, where it wasn’t before. Why not make other builds usable in Hell, for instance a lightning Sorceress? This would be a major QoL improvement.

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Mr llama just beat hell difficulty with a barbarian that did nothing but punch with bash and no weapon.

Everything is hell viable.

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Technically, yes. Anything is Hell viable if one has the patience to spend many extra hours whacking weakly away at enemies. What I’d like are more builds that can move through Hell at a reasonable pace.

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There are tons of options that work in hell just most people think that they have to get BIS gear in order to do it…I have beat hell just using gear that I picked up while going threw the game…I did end up sticking in NM a little longer doing runs to find some decent gear but I did it with no BIS gear

I beat hell on a fury druid only having did around 100ish nm meph runs until i got duriel’s shell and a buriza. Made a lawbringer and treachery for an act 5 merc and going through hell was ez.

There are plenty of builds that can “beat” the game. Unfortunately, there is only 1 build that can build wealth efficiently in hell, which is the real point of the game for most people who still play this game. Frankly, without access to teleport, you take such a huge hit to farming efficiency and boss farming - the most important activities when you are starting from scratch - that I’d say this game is very strict about starting characters if you want to farm at all.

But if all you want to do is just “beat” the game, 6 out of the 7 classes have builds that can easily get you there - javazon, smiter or hammerdin, wind druid, blizzard or meteorb sorc, lightning trapsin, and bone or summoner necro. I’d say Barbarian is probably the weakest starter - avoid him unless you are playing with friends and then you can just buff everyone. Stay away from melee builds altogether - damage and attack rating are extremely gear dependent. Smiter is the only exception because it ignores defense and all you really need is some goreriders and you’re set.

If you have any aspirations of doing any long-term farming at all, just do yourself a favour and make a sorc :confused: