Monkey Set Dungeon - Impossible!

Is this dungeon bugged? I have Kyoshiros soul, I even tried to spam sweeping wind afterwards, so there is no way I should lose my sweeping wind, and I start sweeping wind the first thing I do when I enter. Shortly afterwards it says I failed as I lost my sweeping wind. How??? I use the setup in Maxroll. Has anyone completed this? If so, how did you keep your sweeping wind for the duration?

I did this SD without any problem. Started SW at entry and never touched it again.

Sweeping Wind refreshes the stack duration when you hit with a melee attack, and gains stacks when you crit.

Kyoshiro’s gains/refreshes stacks when Sweeping Wind isn’t hitting anything.

If you are in melee range (so Sweeping Wind is hitting stuff and Kyoshiro’s isn’t stacking) and not actively attacking (so you aren’t refreshing Sweeping Wind stacks from the baseline functionality), the stacks can drop off.


Thank you, that cleared it up!