Monkey King's Garb Sweeping Wind Build

On PC. EU region. I’m rocking a monk. I have all 6 pieces of the Monkey King garb set focusing on Tempest Rush. I’ve stalled on T9/10. While farming Act 1/4 bounties, I managed to get Vengeful wind.

Vengeful Wind gives me 10 extra stacks of sweeping wind, totalling at 13.

Monkey King’s Garb final bonus gives me Lashing Tail Kick, Tempest Rush, and Wave of Light have their damage increased by 1500% for each stack of Sweeping Wind the Monk currently has (6 pieces).

I also have Kiyoshiro’s Soul which keeps Sweeping Wind up permanently. Both Vengeful Wind and Soul are cubed.

After getting Vengeful wind, I figured I’d be leaping Torment levels drastically, but nothing has changed. I still hit for exactly the same. I should be melting things on T9 and T10. I’m going from 1500% * 3 to 1500% * 13.