Monk needs ideas

I have the monkey gear. A few gems working on around 20ish. Haven’t quite figured what is best for a Monk. At one point I was soloing GR at t9, however that also translates into GR level. I do not know what happened, but I had to level back to T6 and lev 33 on GR.
But at any rate - with my current gear as much crit as I could do, how do I get better?

First off, you have Boots of Disregard in your cube and equipped. Both are far from optimal and having both is a waste (equipped items prevail if also in the cube so your armor cube is basically blank). Your Jade Talon has Kyoshiro’s Blade power so you should try to focus on SWK WoL if you want to stay with the SWK set (or transition to SWK TR). Your Fulminator is doing nothing but being an ancient weapon since you don’t have any lightning skills for it to proc on. Iceblink and Gizzard are very sub optimal gem choices for ANY build. If you want to stay with LTK, then Rivera Dancers would be the best fit along with Crudest Boots (better rolled equipped and other in the cube). In-Geom or Vengeful Wind is a good 2nd weapon which would free up your weapon cube for Flying Dragon or something else. If swapping to WoL, then Crudest Boots equipped and cube Cindercoat. Cube a Ring of Royal Grandeur and equip a Tzo Krin’s Gaze for WoL or a Gyana Na-Kashu if staying with LTK. Trapped and Zei’s Stone are better gems than the two I pointed out earlier. I would change you SW rune to Inner Storm for the spirit regen (SWK builds are thirsty). For LTK, the best bracers are probably Nemesis or Reaper’s Wraps and WoL would be Pinto’s Pride.

hey add me if you want. im bout to get on you can tag along in some grs etc.
just save a bunch of set pieces for a couple different builds and whichever (id say inna gonna be first) you can equip first go with then farm for others you want to try

with the new season - and using a blue shadow killer - supporting wol. I ditched the 2 leg gems u mentioned and going with one lightening ( supported by a skill - I didnt understand the base skill determines type of damage… So Im messing around with cold and lightening - work in process. any suggestions?

My suggestion would be not to play monk since you fail on the basics to not being able to read a guide which makes writing hints regardless since you wont understand it.

Would be easiest to get some items, in your profile one only can see you shadow killer, the swk set and crimson but tho whole skill bar does not match to a wol player. So simply use the right skills you can find in any wol guide and wear some items and grift 90 is easy as heck. When you start struggeling with 110ers you may ask again, until 110 everything is easy as heck with wol when simply using the skills.
Simply watch for being able to ring the bell all day long and be in permanent epipany (use orotz ring).

I get confused on what someone or a guide is saying. But I started using MAXROLL and getting things done. Thanks for both the positive and negative info. Have a great day.

The answer might sound “negative” but all in all

That would make any respond unnecessary since you always get confused?

Hm, I get confused, if people having trouble under grift 110ish because any (viable) build is easily capable of that.

My criticism is: 1. you do not have any items equipped, so there is no hint possible
2. you only ask for suggestions, its without saying anything how the build feels for you.

The first thing is just bad since noone can watch your char
the second thing is a problem because noone knows your personal problems. Some people are only not dealing enough dmg, some can not ring the bell all day long, some do not stand long enough.

but anyhow, every problem under 110ish lvl is just: you do not wear the right things or do not use the right skill. So the “read the guide” hint is true.

But I also posted two things: 1) watch being able to ring the bell all day long, 2) watch being permantently in epi. Those are crucial for wol build.

maxroll is a good source for being able to come easily to 110ish grift. When you got there and then struggle, we are able to talk about the build and what maxroll is not telling to the beginners.

and just for the record: I suggest using fire rune but also lightning is nice to use, especially with those spirit on crit rolls. With fire you can play bartuc’s and go for 130ish range with 1500 paragon this season :slight_smile: