Monk Inna Set improved

I am a Monk player and I used the Inna set when I first started playing Diablo but it was weak . The buffs for this set have made it feel so different . it’s a strong build and makes a big difference in Gr’s. I will use this set in the coming season . In the Ptr i did the Exploding palm build which is what i used when I first tried Inna . Amazing difference. i will be continuing to tweak this build in the ptr .And i will report back if needed.

Just that they nerfed the Exploding Palm by far with the revamp, because the 6P only works on the MA and not on any other Skills anymore …

I am feeling it is a very weak build. Can you explain more about “strong” here?

How? There is no damage buff to it. Remember the old inna can also do GR130 and with the buff on crudest boot and on the bracer, if there is no change in inna set, it will perform better with EP.