Monk build, there any bug going

Im building monk items. Lot of armor, damage reduction and resistance, but still im taking a lot of damage. Lvl 900+ and im having difficulties in t16

For your non-season monk Chloe, you are using Patterns but since the 4 piece gives you so much spirit, the topaz in your helm is unneeded. You should use a diamond for the extra cooldown. You don’t have Cyclone strike on your bar so you don’t get any free rune of Cyclone Strike (Cold CS gives a free freeze to trigger Cesar’s [which you are missing for a HUGE 9x multiplier] or Soothing Breeze [for free life regen]). You don’t have Balance in your cube for another big 7x damage multiplier. You NEED 100% uptime on Epiphany in order to use Stone Gauntlets in your cube and a diamond in your helm would help ensure you can maintain Epiphany. You have Spirit Guards equipped but no generator to trigger it (should be Cesar’s Memento as I said earlier). Epiphany should be Desert Shroud for the extra toughness. With Balance and Cesar’s, your damage would be dramatically higher and the freeze from the WKL CS would greatly increase your survivability since frozen mobs can’t hit you.

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T16: Goldgem, Goldbelt, Goldring -> easy (PoJ Set preferred since movemehrspeed)
Grift: Get up some defense dude. Para 900 is 110 easy clear and 115-120 possible without fishing.
Use swk and 55 rcr and boom. (Stones in cube obviously and 50 cdr + orotz)
No time to cry, just watch other people doing it right.

But regarding bug: yeah there is sometimes a bug when your explo simply not dealing any dmg. Was same with wol before, sometimes only 2 hits out of 5 did dmg (could see that during fire coe rota with my wol)