M&K Support or REFUND

The Matchmaking & Lobbysystem on Xbox/Console is trash, thats how it is right now.

FACT: So there will never be a possibility of continuous runs.

There is no excuse!
Change it!


Well it is a refund for you then, because mouse and keyboard 100% wont happen, lobby could be possible, but very low chance.

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Controller works ok, but not at all as good as Keyboard and mouse. Why not just give the players the option to use it when it is optional for both on PC? For me this is a dealbreaker. I see it being very difficult at late game in hell with controller. You need to be able to manage your inventory much easier with belt. Also playing the game with controller you run into objects all the time that are in the way. With Mouse you just click on empty ground and your character moves to that space ignoring and moving around solid objects. I feel that using controller makes it more tiresome to play the game.

Yes there is. Its called party chat system. Make new game invite group to game. Problem solved.

Create a possibility to make a games and join games like on pc version!!!
Actual system sucks

Go play pc then. Console and pc are different. Or be a cry baby.

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Kidding? Everyone who want play d2 should buy pc? Haha let them to give us back half of money for d2 because we have only part of content, that is fair or let’s do something changes to play normally, if on pc you will not able to use chat or find for example brh game but on console it World be possible it will be Ok for you? Will you buy console than ? And you will have to buy also d2r console version. So please go sleep kid

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Why couldn’t mouse and keyboard happen anyways? I had the option for it in the last Call Of Duty I played. so I don’t see why it would be impossible to add but that also wasnt even what he was asking for. he wants lobby/gamelists

Refund! They already lied to you once by saying you are getting D2.

You are delusional and have no life or console.

Nice fake account and spamming the forums with your idiocy.

Refunded. This isn’t Diablo 2.
It might look and sound like D2 but its far from it. and all console players will know that almost instantly.
was so disappointing I couldn’t even play long enough to reach the Den.
until we can create games or view game lists wit the ability to type messages.
basically no point in playing.

prob going to never fix these issues either.
Blizzard doesn’t care about console version just the PC

Great, you got a refund. No need to spam anymore with your ignorance.

Actually there is.
Maybe if Blizzard notices how many people are not happy they might actually make a change.
Or maybe I should just accept the piece of s*** they are releasing.
Not even the full game and the best parts of the game are missing.

If they will never fix these issues then it’s extremely clear that it’s not worth buying.

On you if you want to waste your money. I for one will continue to come on here and express how bad it is out of hope some changes will actually happen. Because I can’t afford 1200-1500$ on a PC to play a 20 year old game

The only idiot here is the moron who thinks D2 should be like D3.
Your too young to know the difference kid

Lol, try again. Man you are a real salty boi. Your post just shows how unintelligent and immature you are. Funny how being in your 20’s or 30’s and still being a child in the mind. No wonder no one is hiring you, but then again, you need to get out of your moms basement and look for a job in the first place.

Have fun with your squelch, kid.

how is this done? I’m sick of this child harassing me

well isnt that the pot calling the kettle black. Cmon dude.

what you have a problem with black kettles now too?
they are just trying to boil water man no need to be racist