Missing Transmog

For those of us who purchased/preordered
D2 Resurrected
there was supposed to be a set of wings, a pet
and some transmogs
Specifically the Warriors set
Recently learned I do not have the Warrior transmog

Tried contacting Blizzard but am continually redirected
to these forums

I would appreciate any constructive avenue of resolution.

Not preorder bonus. Those are part of Prime Evil Collection. You can only get them by purchasing Prime Evil Collection (or Prime Evil Upgrade if you already own D3 RoS Ultimate Evil Edition).

well shoot
Thought I had the Prime evil upgrade
Maybe not
I’m getting senile
Recently looked on my PS4 and it says Ultimate Evil
Guess I have to the Prime Evil now.
Hope it don’t break the bank

Thank you

Before I buy anything else I should state
that I did pay $59.99 for D2 Resurrected for the beta test period.
Just googled it and from what I’ve read it appears as if I should already meet the qualifications…
Unless there’s something I misinterpreted.

It doesn’t matter what you paid for it.
If you did not buy Prime Evil Collection which includes D2R and D3 Ultimate Evil Edition or Prime Evil Upgeade which only includes D2R you WILL NOT have access to DLC you’re missing.

However, if you did buy one of those (which is highly likely based on price you mentioned) it could be that you just haven’t installed Prime Evil Collection DLC for D3.

also, check your character pets tab/wings tab. They arent anything that “pops” up special or a mailbox item, they are just there available to select. I have the pet/wings available

he did say purchase/preorder (nit picking here).

You didn’t need to install the D3 DLC to get the prime evil collection wings/xmogs etc. I bought the prime evil collection for the beta and got all of the xmogs etc in my physical media installed copy of D3. Of course, I asked Sony for a refund as the multiplayer aspect of the game was crap. After many months, I have purchased the prime evil collection again, but haven’t checked to see if it installed correctly.