Missing in-game mail - bug?

I hadn’t logged in with any of my non-season characters since season 21 ended, but when I logged in today, I couldn’t find the in-game mail with all my stuff from season 21. I thought the in-game mail countdown wouldn’t start unless I logged in. Was I wrong about that? However, when I logged in on the PTR with my copied charatcters, I saw the in-game mail with my stuff from season 21. I’m puzzled now. Is there any way I can get my stuff from last season back?

I’m not sure if you tried it already, but log in to your Live Account again. Start a game with one of your non-Season Characters and see if your mail shows up.

Sometimes, if you haven’t played in a while, even your Characters will disappear, but they’re still there. Quitting the game and logging back in refreshes your “sleeping” Account, even though nothing expires.

This sounds like what happened to you. You logged in to an Account you hadn’t played in a while, didn’t find your mail from Season 21, but it refreshed your Account. Then, you started the PTR and did a PTR Copy, which copied your refreshed Account.

Also keep this in mind: When we do a PTR Copy, we ALWAYS have mail. That’s because the PTR is a new Patch for the new Season. So, your current Seasonal Characters are converted to non-Season and the mailed items you’re receiving may actually be Season 22 items being mailed to your “Season 23” PTR (now) non-Season Characters.

(Just trying to do some brain-storming here).

Good luck.

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I’ve tried logging back in again, yet nothing showed up. I think you’re right about my PTR mailed items, they are my items from the current season. Still not sure where my lost items are. I just hope there is a way to retrieve them. Anyway, thank you for your explanation though.

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