Menagerist Goblins

I know that I should be happy to get a goblin, any goblin, on a fresh seasonal toon. But After having all the pets, this guy is just annoying. He rarely drops anything else, maybe a yellow.

It would be nice if they had something more special after you’ve gotten all of the pets, or even if you haven’t. Maybe bless you with a random shrine or pylon buff at the very least.

I know I’m sounding entitled and I know that RNG does not work this way; but I always feel that he’s sneaking into a spot that a better goblin could have filled. At least I don’t seem to hit them that often at higher levels. Usually only once or twice a season.

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He’s useless at all prior to LV 70, but once you hit that level he can open a portal to either The Vault or the Not the Cow Level. Really though, goblins should be able to spawn those portals at any level. It no longer makes sense to restrict them to LV 70 only.

I just killed my first one since getting the last drop pet that I needed from him and I got …Dun, da, da, dunnn…!nothing! Needless to say I am peeved. Wouldn’t a random drop from past season, a pennant, pair of hard to get wings, or a random Primal or ancient be better then nothing at all, or even just a rare drop chance would even be better then nothing at all. I like a lot of others am hanging on to this game by a thread as it has nothing new, rehashes the same events when they do have a very rare one on, and continues to promise things like D4 and Immortal, then takes it back, the goblin drops were one of the very last reasons to play. Other then the week I take to get each season awards I never even play at all and now will be playing less, as the one joy this game brought me was goblin hunting and the only item I can get in game is the wings in Whimsy and I have played 8 years and not gotten them so honestly whats the point even wasting time on a game the creators won’t even put their time into?

I did get a vanilla legendary that helped me level up faster. Nothing special, but it was better than my current weapon.

So far this season has been blah. The circles are difficult to take advantage of, the rewards are meh, login (and now logout) crashes are still plaguing me. I’ve about squeezed all of the fun I can out of this.

Let the poor little bugger go free.


These guys need to drop farmable cosmetics or transmogs that you don’t have with the last one being cosmic wings. Anyone who’s gotten everything else ought to have a better chance at getting the cosmic wings.

Really? I usually get a Legendary from him.

You know I have only seen one in this season, it was on my very first bounty and I got a new pet from it. But did not see another one yet. Lots of goblin packs, but this one is hiding from me :slight_smile: