Melee Sorc **!HOT THREAD!**

Hey guys just wanna start a thread talking about different types of crazy sorc builds aka unorthodox and probably not perfect.

For example:

sinking a nervously large amount of points into dex
using fast attack one arm weapons
frozen armor

having a paladin friend to buff defense is cool

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Stop tagging crap with hot thread. It’s not true, this thread isn’t hot, and it’s borderline manipulation trying to make your post stand out like it’s some official tag.


found the crybaby ! lemme guess necro?

I made a Bowcaster Sorceress that was impressively strong.

Started out with lots of levels in Warmth and Frozen Armor, later Shiver Armor, using a bow as primary attack. Later, I’d put about 5 levels in Enchant.

Good times.