Masquerade of the Burning Carnival

Bring back the 10,000% bonus on Bone Spear skill, I don’t understand why DEVS ruined this set, it seems Blizzard is going down soon, but I hope it does not, so please undo this nerf.

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Give this a read and you’ll see why this change (amongst others like GoD DH) isn’t about to be reverted.

TL;DR: they’re aiming to scale all builds so the maximum greater rift they can do is GR128-132 at 5k paragon non-season.

Man are you trying to start a forum riot? Nerf anything to GR128-132 and the bottle becomes a shank. The devs know better than that.

Yes and no. As entertaining as a riot is…

Just repeating what they’ve said not even two years ago. :man_shrugging:

Haha was that 2 years ago? It sure has been a creepy two years.

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The thing is that Masquerade was overpowered and needed a nerf. Unfortunately it was overnerfed. If it had been only 10k%->6k% for the damage bonus, that’d been fine but they also removed the triple bonus for Simulacrums and that was an overkill.

Restore the triple bonus and the set will once again be fine.

Lol, yeah. They really never followed the guideline they laid out. Which kind of makes sense, because the guideline was so vague as to be basically non-existent.


Its probably overnerfed because of the past two season themes. I think it would have been gr200 capable with ethereals lol.

MotBC was, by far, one of the most versatile and accepted sets we had. Mobile, tough, and capable of grouping/stacking mobs (Brigg’s variation), clearing trash, and being the RGK (Aughild’s). It was also equally fun on speed runs with shattering rune on Bone Spear and tossing on Steuart’s Greaves.

With the advent of the FB wiz and Inna monk builds (FB was scaled reasonably, I am sure fire Inna will be as well), it would be nice to see MotBC damage multiplier go to 7500% with simulacrums getting the triple bonus back.

I actually enjoy Rathma play style and mechanics, but it is dismal for speeds and only tolerated in groups, although groups make it easier to ramp up with corpses for Revive. It is also very tanky, especially once all minions are up and running Esoteric gem. Its one glaring weakness is single target damage, with several minutes needed for RG kills in 130+ rifts with seasonal buffs. Nonseason is meh at best, but could be better with higher Caldesann’s augments.

Inarius and Trag’oul sets aren’t even worth mentioning, except for piecemeal in zNec builds.

I am going to be completely honest and ask why they capped this set around ONE skill in the 1st place instead of total damage so we could make more builds ( the whole point of the game ) They should really change that and make this set a 7PC In either the Belt/Neck/Bracers so it could open up a ton of builds.

Diablo 3 set design is absolutely centered on one specific playstyle. Very few allow choice.

And this is becoming more and more the case. They claim it’s to provide an identity, and there may be some small truth to that, but it’s probably much more that it is simply easier to balance a set by eliminating variables.

and after you design a gameplay style what most sets have already it is pure number adjusting at least go get all the sets to be like ±10 rift levels. they could do it already for what there are ptr but blizzard will never hear to the comunity i hope that microsoft takes them over and replaces them with better ppl thats somehow the last ray of hope for the blizzard games …

Well, at long last they’re bringing the build back. The 2.7.5 patch will bump the 6p damage buff to 9k% and restores the triple damage to Sims.

Happy days.

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As soon as I saw that part of the patch notes, the rest faded into the background. So happy to have this build back where it belongs!

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So I always loved the idea of Necro but so many of the build were too complicated or mech reliant. I loved the Masquerade set when it came out because it was a simple but fun build, was gutted when they nerffed it into the ground, sadly they did that to most of the new sets.

But as soon as I saw the patch notes for season 28 I was thrilled, at this stage I plan on playing it as my main. With all the bonuses from the Ritual of Rites it will be even more amazing.

Man I was so glad when I saw this buff in the patch notes.

Necro is my favourite class theme and play wise and the most fun season I ever had was in season 22 when I played Bonespear. That season I got way further than I did in previous ones because I just enjoyed the build so much.

I was going to play necro this season anyway so seeing my favourite set get a buff is great. Now I am looking forward to trying Rathma and TraGouls for the first time since their changes.

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