Mana Burn and the Sorc

It currently neuters the most powerful character class in the game.

Why is that an argument for fixing mana burn?

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I guess the argument is that it makes energy shield (a skill they put in the game) useless? Although I don’t agree it does. ES Light sorcs seem popular enough.

It’s arguably the most powerful build in the game, even with the current mana burn. Imagine how powerful it would be without the mana burn the way it is. Nothing would slow it down.

Ya energy shield is rough and you need a lot of mana. If you have 1 mana teleports I think it can be decent for hc. Pretty sure the elemental damage is taken to es before resists so you take a ton of mana damage. I haven’t tried es in years but may give it a go next season.

20 telek
15 tele
20 orb
20 bolt
10 cold mast
1 +static
1 frozen armor
prereqs about 7
total skill points 96 - completed at lvl 84 - lvl 90 to get a decent level static. I would probably put most of my points in vit still but may spare a few for energy and go with some frostburns, a spirit sword (cause fathom is hard to find) and a bahamut fcr ring or two. Maybe with a shako, upped viscertaunt, lionheart, maras or similar, prob have to have arach or a crafted caster belt since frosties at least 63fcr, and a pair of stylish boots.

Cold immunes - hazade, telek, static and tele.

I’ve never made one, when I say arguably I’m going by what I’ve seen in build guides and play videos and streams.

If you’re making es sorc to pop seals and rush Throne to quickly 99, it’s just a matter of slowing down until you know what monsters are in WSK 3 and the Throne. Also, if a player wildly teleports into a mob of hard hitters with mana burn, that’s on the player. If the current mana burn didn’t exist, such sorcs would be unstoppable, and in my opinion every build needs to have at least one randomly spawnable nemesis.

Ya, ideally the life pool and blocking (upped visc is about 80% block or something silly and lionheart is easy blocking) would still be there and it would just make you tankier. But ya, sometimes you teleport into some extra fast frenzytaurs and have a bad day.

Mana burn is fine, agreed. You can pump teleport if you are really concerned about mana burn and I usually do pump teleport on my hc sorcs which is part of the reason I typically have orb sorcs instead of blizz.

I guess the only issue I see is the cost of teleport but then again, it’s ok