Malthael did nothing wrong .

Change my mind.

Not much point to do so, since Malthael is dead and probably gone forever.

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My point stands :sunglasses:

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He betrayed his fellow angels, even Imperius was shocked to learn of Malthael’s betrayal. Although Imperius did not care whether Malthael wanted to destroy humanity, he did agree that Malthael had to be stopped and sent his angels to aid the Nephalem against Malthael in Pandemonium. Malthael’s actions and short sightedness would end up freeing Diablo himself.

So what did he accomplish?

  • He betrayed is fellow angels.
  • He was responsible for the death of innocent people.
  • His actions would ultimately free Diablo and his brothers.
  • Sanctuary and the High Heavens are now in a devastated state because of him.
  • Even more demons like Lilith are now returning because of him.

He did everything wrong,
when wisdom became madness…
TLTR: he tried to kill us all, he failed.


Yes, he did. It matters who you make your enemy. A random guy who just so happened to be part demon? Hell no (heehee)

A literal lord of Hell? Use him as target practice

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Um, his name is Malthael. Mal means “bad” in latin. By virtue of his name, he is inherently bad. Blizzard wove this universe perfectly…


I like how OP starts the thread but adds absolutely noting to it.

I mean, he did do things wrong if we are to look at it from the side of those who wish to preserve their own lives. Malthael most likely saw that the only fate is death, and so why not get it over with and end the madness?

He didn’t succeed.

That means he did everything wrong.


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