[Main Thread] Windows 19041 - Freezing for 5-10 seconds

Another 10 runs without any freezes.
Please devs, make the PTR changes
“win32-x86_64-vc140 release” available to ALL, NOW . Please.
Some more Debugs from today
hardcore this time.
still No freezes !


yeah please drop a fix mid season, so i can actually play the game…dont wait until the new season hits

Having the issue on an i9-10900F and RTX3080 system this season. Only happens in the higher grifts. Eventually stumbled across this thread and absolutely shocked that Blizz let this go for this long. I think this has cured me of Diablo and Blizzard finally, time to move on to more competent developers.


This worked for both mine and my husband’s games, separate computers. Thanks!

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Hello I am back. I just died again in hardcore to a client freeze! What are you even doing over there Blizzard??? We have been complaining for so long about these issues. I figured they would be fixed in the new season. Chance? CHANCES!? No way! Quality is no longer apart of the design for modern Blizzard. Pray I can relive whatever love I have left for this company in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Remastering the glory days into a dead company. So over todays Blizzard. Thanks for the memories.

They are running the PTR to investigate this and try different ways to solve the issue… so far, very successfully.

Have you tried the PTR yet ?
and more importantly, have you provided comments ?

Scroll up a few screens to see the ad for the PTR (text in blue)… or, to learn about how you can participate in the PTR, go directly to :


What are you doing, you should maybe read the techsupport forum rules before posting here.

A couple updates DL’d later and a lot of testing, the new DLL’s in the recent updates seem to have improved things, but they have not been fixed.

I am happy to report that the StartCraft 2 DLL band-aid still seems to work though.

does the SC2 DLL work better than the HOTS DLL? I keep freezing and dying in HC and I’m about to uninstall. Any help would be appreciated.

I’m having the same issue. Whenever I press Mirror Images my game will freeze for a second, and the game becomes extremely choppy when they’re out and casting. Normally I do not drop a single frame whilst playing, but the second I use Mirror Images (or someone else does in party) my frame rate tanks. Using the Heroes of the Storm .dll does fix the issue completely, but it disables the audio which is not ideal. I’m using a Realtek onboard card with an eternal dac.

I’m using an external DAC/Soundcard (Creative X3) so it’s not just an issue with onboard sound.

Ive literally tryed 10 or more windows versions to be able to play d3 without freeze/crash, no success. Its not windows or driver related, its something with the game. Lost 2 augmented wizards this season due to freeze/crash.

Me and some mates used the Sc2 dll, still crash. It’s like when you get a lag or something, d3 dosn’t know what to do, and you crash. In sc2 for example, theres a timer when someone lags etc, in d3 you just seems to crash or freeze… theres no fix. Replacing sound dll seems to work with some freezes for some people, but no fix it all.

it is, on 1709 and 1803 fmod error is solved, freezes are only happening when u mute your ingame sound. So if you have been playing without sound (ctlr+s f.e.) thats why you still got freezes.

Otherwise your freezes have a different source and are just another problem not fmod related.

Pretty sure ive crashed on those versions aswell. Crashed on w10 all versions basically, including w7 and w8 with 0 update/full updates.
What about just 1709 and 1803 that should have fmod error solved?
I played with sound on last crash, the crash before i had the dll replaced with the Sc2 one = no sound. We have freeze that comes back ~2-20sec, application lockup = have to kill .exe
, then we have crash to desktop with message, crash to desktop WITHOUT msg, then the diffrent codes. Its not one problem

its explained further above.

If you have crashes or lockouts while having the freezes there is something wrong on your end.
Try uninstalling all c++ redistributables and maybe lookout for a better package to download.

Then how come diablo 3 is the only game crashing for 99% of the ppl with these type of problems? how come it dont crash in 4-5 days and suddenly crashes?
As i said, ive used 10+ windows versions, all from w7, w8, early LTSB to latest “greatest” versions. Tryed with 0 winupdates, tryed with full winupdate, no overclock, ive tryed it all.
About time to make a parody movie about all the fixes ive read about and tryed.

Its not. The rare occasions of posters that made a thread posting about locking up/crashing fixed there problems by installing updated c++ redistributables.

Your c++ redistributable installs should look like this:


when using 1709 and this, you shouldnt crash or have freezes anymore. But patch is on the way anyways.

I cant sort out your specific problem without knowing tons of more info. Could be anything from conflicting software stuff running in the background you all of a sudden install again and again, up to hardware problems.

But dont be mad at me, its not my fault, just bringing the bad news to you. Its not like everyone is crashing left and right, problem was more that people are getting 5-10s freezes.

In my clan several ppl have died to crash this season already, and i did a checkup with my friendslist:

Q: Did you have any problems with crash/freeze s24?

10:36 AM
had 1 10 sec freeze + 1 crash Rip

9:05 AM
yes only one

9:56 AM
mouse outside the screen on windows desktop
lost 2/3 char
process runing but stuck on desktop
progam no answer
and no error from message

10:05 AM
1 freeze 2 crash. Rip
tested some things to prevent but nothing happens
replace dll

10:11 AM
hi, 1 crash and 2 freeze

10:16 AM
i had some little ones, did nothing to prevent it

10:18 AM
Yes, ive had several this season.
“process not responding”
Changed to softcore after rip at gr113

10:21 AM
not for me I play with a different dll
I don’t have a sound
but I doon’t have a chrash or freeze too :slight_smile:

10:33 AM

yea,a few but i started late (3-4 days later)
and didn’t play that much
random freeze and a lot of lag at big mob packs
sometimes had to close the process

10:40 AM

Had one crash

Eggman: i freeze like every 5 rifts

1:17 PM
2 crashes

The list goes on.

people just tend to lie about dying in this game. would be a shame to report a death without a freeze or crash.

diablo 3 is using the restributable package from 2015 as you can see from the msvcp140.dll. first microsoft merged 2015-2019 and this later got replaced by the 2022 redistributable. If youve installed 2015-2019 or both, you have a big problem.

I dont know the people you are playing with and it also doesnt even matter, but if everyone would have these “crash” problems the forums would be full of it, but it isnt. I mean you can have your opinion as much as you like, but its not facts. Its just something that comes to your mind because you have problems and get confirmed by the little amount of people you are playing with. I cant troubleshoot every single person on this planet. I can only give suggestions of what could be wrong. Since im not having this problems but had freezing issues until i researched really deeply into the fmod issue.

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