[Main Thread] Windows 19041 - Freezing for 5-10 seconds

Thanks for the details and including the requested files :slight_smile: I went ahead and updated the title of the this thread so we can get more traction on the issue. I’m gathering up the reports and files sent to us so far about the issue over to a tracking. Once we have enough information and data, we can get this sent over to our quality assurance and developers to take a look.

Technical support assists with technical issues that can be resolved with troubleshooting, but from time to time we see issues that appear as technical issues, but in reality, it is a bug or compatibility issue. However, technical support does not have the ability to change things within the game nor do we actively test the game with specific hardware or operating systems. This is what the developers and quality assurance team does. We try to help gather information for our teams in this situation and keep you updated on the issue as we receive information.

A few of you have mentioned some workarounds with reverting back to 1909 or replacing the FMOD files, but neither of these resolutions are ideal or supported by us directly. If anyone wanted to give either of these a try, please do so at your own discretion.

I saw a few mentions of Razer Synapse changing the increments of the freezing as well. Could those of you try to see if disabling this under D3Prefs.txt helps with the issue? Please let us know!

Edited by blizzard: This message previously requested system reports and error logs, but we have received enough. Thank you for the information to help us identify the problem!


I will change the D3prefs.txt and try that prior to disabling sound. Add me to having this issue after doing a fresh install of the latest Windows.

Update. Freezing occurred less often but was more severe. It would freeze for 5 seconds, start to go then freeze another 5 seconds. This happened 3 times in a row once for a total of 15 seconds or so.

Update 2. My D3Debug also has FMOD error sound not ready in 200ms

Update 3. I used the replacement FMOD file and played for several hours with no freezing.

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okay,thank you .But I hope Blizzard can resolve the immediate problem
about fmodex64.dll. Thanks again.

this fix replacing fmodex64.dll with the one linked completely fixed the freezing for me. Hopefully blizz can resolve the underlying problem!

Struggling with the same issue here, these are the errors that is listed in my recent D3Debug when the freeze occured:
FMOD Error sound not ready in 200ms
ERROR: Ran out of explosions processing Explosion ‘g_radial_5foot_50lbs’ (max entries = 128).

EDIT: The error about explosions didn’t appear on my next freeze, might have something about that I was fighting Grotesques on my first freeze.

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and don’t do that, i using 1909 and both eu and na stutter and rubberbad like hell. NA are worse with this, like 10 times more horrible then EU servers.

Dear Blizzard, when are you gonna fix that? Because if its changes in windows - MS are clearly not gonna change anything because of one game.
Game are clearly unplayable even on sc, i don’t want to imagine what happening on hc…

Hi - I am getting the exact same issue, but with WoW. The game is now completely unplayable.

I have had this freezing for 5-10 seconds ever since updating to windows 2004 as well. Thank you for the fmod replacement file that works flawlessly in the interim. Here is my D3Diag


Here is my DxDiag


Same here ever since patch last week game runs fine at 144hrz and then every 3 mins or so game freeze/shutter fps drops and hrz’s go to 20-30; then back to 144hrz and g-sync is fine for 3 whole mins.

Before i get a mod msg; updated nvidia/network and bios (was a pain but done) And no ryzer synapse software and windows 10 was recently updated automatically. So its either windows 10 update or blizzard update when all the issues started last week. Also happens in HOTS too.

After installing the NVIDIA GPU driver 451.48 and enabling the function of Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling, the freeze time from FMOD error reduced.

Old D3Debug.txt (446.14)

|2020.06.18 23:28:05.917795600|FMOD Error sound not ready in 200ms|
|2020.06.18 23:28:09.037317500|FMOD Error sound not ready in 200ms|
|2020.06.18 23:28:12.139540100|FMOD Error sound not ready in 200ms|

New D3Debug.txt (451.48)

|2020.07.08 20:45:22.249232000|FMOD Error sound not ready in 200ms|
|2020.07.08 20:45:22.569906900|FMOD Error sound not ready in 200ms|
|2020.07.08 20:45:22.897240200|FMOD Error sound not ready in 200ms|


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It’s the same frequency for me with or without h.a.g.s. It’s seemingly random when FMOD error occurs and random how often.

Thanks! Replacing the .dll file fixed all of my freezing issues.

I had the same issues replacing the fmodx64.dll fix my problems but i have no sound now any way to fix the sound issue after replacing the file?

FOUND A FIX; its the windows background pictures (mine was set to slideshow every 1-3 mins to change pics). Once I set the background to solid color - freezing went away.

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FOUND A FIX; its the windows background pictures (mine was set to slideshow every 1-3 mins to change pics). Once I set the background to solid color - freezing went away.

This wasn’t a cause for me as mine is set to change every hour. The freezing is more frequent than that.

Mine is not set to change at all and it is still freezing pretty frequently.

Is there any ETA on a fix for this or I am expected to play the whole season without sound?

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I used the ‘workaround’ and it seem to solve the freezes, tho it indeed removes the sound. You can also use a ‘fmodex64.dll’ from another game that you have installed. For example Dark souls uses it too and seem to work fine.

Also make sure that you set the file to ‘read only’ in the properties. The battlenet launcher just ‘fixed’ the file and set it back to its old version.


Anyone try the new Nvidia driver to see if this might fix the issue? I saw this in the notes " Windows 10 Only Several games randomly freeze for a few seconds during gameplay"

Who is the one that needs to fix this issue? Is it Blizzard, Microsoft or Nvidia?

I tried three recent Nvidia drivers from 446.14 to 451.67.
v446.14 -> freezing for 5-10 seconds
v451.48 -> freezing for about 1 second or less
v451.67 -> freezing for about 1 second or less
These can be identified by the timestamp of FMOD errors in D3Debug.txt.