5-10 sec freeze/hangup disconnect FIX

I found a fix (online) for this and it works after 20 hours of playing with 0 dc’s from 10+ a day before… involved deleting fmodex64.dllaudio file and adding a old one. But you must do this every time you launch the game since the game writes over it.

Friend with similar issues did this and had 0 dc’s in a 8-10 hour session from being unplayable (HC) before. 3rd friend just did this and will have results back tomorrow if hes still alive or not.

And you must play without sound, going from 10+ dc’s a day to 0 in 10-15 hour sessions over 2 days.

Cant post the file here. Hopefully blizz fixes.

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What is the reason for this thread?

Yeah let me look through 350+ comments to find that one.


0 solutions posted on top.
28k+ views on that thread people are not looking at hundreds of comments looking for a fix.

That is the purpose. I have a fix, Other thread didnt have a fix. Thus my post.
Even the stuff you quoted didnt have a fix.

A few would have been enough. The 15th post is your workaroud except disabling the sound. There is also a script in the post that will replace the fmod file for you. I linked directly to the post.

A simple search for fmod in this forum finds your workaround in numerous posts.

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yeah because people know wtf fmod are. Again not looking through 15+ posts to find a fix. Thanks though, im sure the few people looking through pages with nothing better to do will find it useful.

again dunno what the script is you linked. Normal gamers that just log in to play dont know what that s.it is

If this was such common knowledge i am sure i wouldnt be the one to figure it out in my clan/group.

Checked the post, nothing, scroll down a little nothing, click blue reply nothing.

Assuming there is nothing. If this is a real fix then it should be a sticky so people could ya know see it and fix it… People shouldnt have to jump through hoops to fix something that so many people have a fix for but is 0 threads about. 0 stickys

That was addressed to you. So that you don’t create a new thread.

Others would search for freezes.

That is only optional.

I don’t know what to reply. There is “your” workaroud.

It is not a fix. It is only a workaround. It disables the sound and you have to replace the file every time.

It was addressed but no fix, So i created a thread with a fix.

not a big deal.

maybe put the fix at the top of the post that people are searching or looking at??
I make thread.

Somebody already did it.

Where do i get the file to replace?

In the wrong thread. Technical support and general discussion are 2 different topics.
The thread with 28k+ views has 0 on top
Why would anyone read general on this site, no one good reads gen discussion on this site lol bunch of junk.

thread isnt even on top its lost.

There is a link to a google drive in the linked post. But you can also use a file from another (Blizzard)Game.

The correct forum would be the bug report forum.

crashing is a technical issue
(for issues installing/patching/crashing) is the main thing it says lol


bug on a boss during a world first race would be a bug.
Getting 1 shot from reflect from the season theme would be a bug.
item/monster bugged and not working correctly would be a bug.
Hardware is not a bug lol

Just got from pdub ty though.

If you refer to dervishes. It is the normal interaction of the dervishes with projectiles. It is not a bug :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It can be. If your hardware is overheating/unstable/not supported or if you use incompatible software or old drivers.

But in this case there is most likely a bug with the used fmod file/implementation in diablo 3 which leads to freezes.

The technical support is not able to fix bugs.

This method not working…

Realtek drivers for the most part are no longer being updated. A tech support poster had 2014 Realtek sound driver. My motherboard MSI Gaming 5 last Realtek was 2017 (Version When I clean install, I just let Microsoft install compatible not Realtek.

As for Fmodex64.dll, friends are replacing with file from Starcraft2 or WoW, to circumvent freezing due to sound error. Of course they have to renew change each time before starting D3. When I reported such to tech support, he reported that they are still gathering information. Note: I have WIn10Pro 20H2, 19042.662. I turned off hardware acceleration for WIn10, discord, and Edge. System info is i7-4790k (not overclocked), water cooled, MSI Gaming 5, 16gb ram, M.2 SSD, RX 580, DVD, extra case fans. Yes, old processor yet is good enough for 8 year game.

Have the same issue, I already had lowest sound quality active.
Tried disabling sound, tried replacing fmodex64 (No sound after that, on my system btw.) Neither appeared to be a definite solution.
The game still freezes from time to time, resulting in a certain death.

BTW, is there anyone who could explain this “FMOD Error sound not ready in 200ms” errormessage a bit more?
As I have this problem when there is a lot going on, I sometimes wonder if the game isn’t just trying to load/play too many sound effects all at once, choking the game, literally to death.
(Win 10 is installed on an M2 drive, and Game on an SSD, so loading speed, or lack thereof, would not be an issue. )

I would report/ask in the main thread. Maybe there is some more info already.