[Main Thread] Error 24004 - Cant join public bounties or T16

I’m seeing this as well. I can join rift games on T16 just fine with my seasonal character, but then can’t join bounties with that same character.

i cant join public rifts but can join greaters and bounties

24 Days now - still having this issue. Is there any word on a fix?

Started having similar issue yesterday, i can not join public Rifts games and getting the 24004 error, I am able to join public bounties.
I can create a private game, open it to the public as a Rift and people have joined. But i can’t connect to existing public Rifts.

Same problem here - only for public Rifts. Kind of putting a downer on the whole season atm. It’s my favourite part.

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Error code: Error code 24004
Server Region: The Americas
Does this happen on a different character?: All characters, seasonal.

  • Does this happen on [an alternative connection] or VPN? Not using VPN.
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Another error, can’t join public bountys. Just after the “error code 1”. Is anyone looking in to this?

Also getting error 24004 in the Americas (west coast). I can’t join any public game for any category.

Also getting the 24004 error when trying to do t16 stuff. Can’t do rifts or bounties

Can’t join any T16 bounties. Error 24004 :slight_smile:

+1 on this issue, hope it is resolved soon

+1 on this, t16 and rifts for me

I am also getting this error. can only join private games. if i open a private game to public, nobody joins.

+1. Weird to have these errors so far after launch.

This is happening again after today’s complete outage of the d3 servers. I can join and make t15 or lower games. T16 keeps giving me 24004 when trying to find games. Doesn’t matter if its bounty, GR or other lobby types. Happening on all of my characters as well. I can create T16 games, just not join them.

Sounds like the issue is probably something to do with how the lobby server checks for your solo GR or how that data is being stored/retrieved.


I cannot join any game. No matter the type or level, on any character.

Having issues joining public games ever since last nights server issues to game creation. This is NA Servers seasonal. Please fix soon.

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They are not going to fix this error code, it’s been like a month now, so yeah it’s not getting fixed

Same after i got ( Code 1)

There is a current issue joining public bounties. When creating a public bounty game, no one joins either.