macOS support for Diablo 3

My iMac is running 10.12 and cannot be updated. I have the trial for Diablo 3 and when starting get message that it will not work in the near future and that I should update to macOS 10.15. There are two information links, but neither one says anything about this.

I would like to get the full Diablo 3, but not if they will kill it shortly after purchase. Does anyone know if Blizzard is really going to block Diablo 3 on older macs? It seems strange after all they did for Diablo 2. If it won’t get updates I can understand that, but block it from working?

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Things stop being supported over time, especially when they rely on corporate servers to function, and your iMac is no longer supported by Apple as it has been designated a legacy machine… It is what it is, should be no surprise, and you should do whatever you want to do about it. FWIW, I suspect the lowest end current Macs (new M1 chips) will run Diablo 3 great, and will run the latest OS for the next several years, if you can/will upgrade.

oh I get that. Unsupported, sure. But the dialog says that it will be blocked from working. That isn’t happening with, for example, Diablo 2. There’s a difference between unsupported and blocking it from running. The question is, in particular due to the links in the dialog not saying what the dialog says, will Blizzard really kill Diablo 3?

Maybe its just an unknown? Fine, I get that, too.

When they stopped supporting Win XP/Vista (few years after Microsoft stopped support), D3 could not be launched. In fact, new launcher couldn’t be updated/installed as well.

Might be the same for older MacOS.

10.12.6 will still run Diablo 3 just fine. In fact, it’s tied neck and neck with 10.13.6 for best performance currently as every OS afterward has degraded performance due to lack of OpenGL updates on Apple’s end (it’s really showing its age at this point).

It will give you a message stating 10.12.6 is not supported, but will in fact launch.

Blizzard should update Diablo 3 (and all their Mac games) to run on Metal. It will run great on the current macOS in that case.

If their lone Mac dev had time, they probably would. Unfortunately, he doesn’t (or is actually being told not to spend time on it by management, which is a highly probably scenario given he is quite passionate about macOS as it’s his favorite operating system).

Things are what they are. When D3 breaks finally we’ll know whether or not Blizzard intends to continue supporting it on macOS. Given D2/LoD Classic and D2R’s situation though, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Playing it just fine on a 24” M1 iMac running MacOS 12 beta 3. Lower temps even with constant dense packs in high GRs sometimes reaches 80C. Most of the time it runs in the 70’s, fans never spin up. Yes the x86 game runs under Rosetta 2 perfectly aside from the slow inventory redraw bug the you toggle High/Low graphics workaround. What I find is the HDR capable screen just makes Diablo 3 colors more brilliant using the new Mac that are selling like hotcakes. If it takes them a few more seasons to assign some effort to modernize the game graphics engine it is what it is.