macOS Big Sur 11.6.5 update serious lag

The last couple of updates on mac have resulted in terrible game play and significant lag issues. Game load and character screen are incredibly choppy, response time for menu selection is slow and game play is unbearable. I followed some advice on this thread (OSX Monterey 12.1 crashing - #5 by Euin-1607)
to reset In Game User Options and it did not help. All software from Battle Net and Mac are up to date and I’m unsure what to do next. I have also tried the “scan and repair” option in the app per the thread and it didnt help either. Next step uninstall/reinstall?


Also updated to Big Sur and I am getting insanely bad frames…

I am running 11.5 and have been for a long time and have no real issues other than the typical ones where diablo 3 just doesn’t run super smooth. I’m sure it runs better on boot camp windows but I don’t do that.

I run the game in “low resolution mode” by right clicking it and pressing “get info”.

Other than that I turn most graphics settings off or low.

I limit my FPS to wherever it can handle based on the class I choose.

I recommend trying out a program to disable turbo boost (this is good for starcraft 2 as well)

Apparently macOS Monterey is bad for sc2 so I haven’t updated to that.