Mac issue, items not redrawing

I am having an issue with items redrawing, in-game Diablo III. Running a Macbook Pro (2016) It takes up to a minute for items to redraw, in my inventory and stash. This usually only happens in town.

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This issue has been going forever now and there is no fix in site. Mods won’t respond either and there is no support for this game, let alone zero support for Mac Users. Best work around this issue is just use Act 2 as your home base. Hidden Camp seems to be the only work around for this issue.

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Long standing issue.
only solution i’ve found is to change texture quality to low, apply, then when it asks you confirm, just hit cancel to reset them back. This only works for the current game, leaving it and rejoining another will need to have this done again. Another thing that is said to help is deleting the game data folder and letting it reinstall, this did not help for me. I also tried running the game off a HFS+ Journaled formatted vs a APFS drive, no change.

This only happens to my wizard. When I login with my witch doctor is just works all the time. With the wizard I have to change the quality for the current game for the loading issue.

Really strange

Very interesting, it seems to only happen with my wizards as well, this is the main class I play.