MA Assassin build help

I’m designing an MA build, I was hoping those more familiar with MA Sins could give me some pointers. I can make pally’s and necy’s but aside from at trapasin I’m not as good with assassins.

Build concept - this will be a duel Katar MA build, that uses the charge ups and finishing moves, not a massive kickasin.

Skill allocation - I build to lvl 85 as I figure I need to have a viable build at that level not assuming I need the extra skill pts to make it work.

Claw Mastery - 20
Weapon Block - 10
Cloak of Shadows - 10
Phoenix Strike - 10
Dragon Claw - 5
Tiger Claw - 5

At that point it leaves 28 pts to allocate. So here’s my questions/thoughts.

Dragon claw will be my main finishing move (not interested in building a kicker), not sure how much it’s worth adding too many pts to this. I will get a decent amount of AR and weapon damage with claw mastery, Tiger strike will bring the damage so how much is it worth putting pts into this finisher.

Weapon Block hits 50% at 10 pts and 58 at 20 pts, thus it doesn’t seem worth it to go more in that skill.

Cloak of shadows similarly gets to a decent spot at 10 pts, but is this really just a one point wonder? I do highly value the ranged monster shut downs.

So what’s the thoughts on where to put the rest of the skills? is shadow master worth maxing or should I drop all the points in phoenix strike, dragon claw or tiger strike? Any other things to consider. Will a normal Assassin with maxed Claw mastery have good enough AR or do I need a blessed aim merc to make it work? I would prefer a ranged merc, thus Rogue or Wolf…

IIRC, Dragon Claw Sins don’t really use Phoenix Strike. I would suggest something like this:

  • Claw Mastery 20
  • Tiger Strike 20
  • Dragon Claw 20
  • Shadow Master 20
  • Rest in BoS
  • Maybe some points in Fists of Fire for Phys Immunes?
  • Maybe even 1 point in Death Sentry would be nice

MA builds aren’t really that all-powerful so don’t expect too much.

Just follow this:

Since you are shooting for 88 max points, and Phoenix Strike + Dragon Claw is your desired goal, I’d say:
20 Phoenix
20 Fist of Fire (synergy)
20 Claws of Thunder (synergy)
1 Blades of Ice (synergy, but mostly the utility element of PS)
1 Dragon Talon (pre-req)
3 Dragon Claw

10 Claw mastery
10 Weapon block
1 Burst of speed
1 Fade

Any points past lvl 85, I’d spend on Blades of Ice or Dragon Claw. You could also add 1 point to Venom, or Cloak of Shadows, or Psychic Hammer, or Mind Blast (depending on what utility you prefer).

I maxed claw mastery/tiger strike/phoenix strike/dragon tail.
With charms and +skill gear I was able to get to level 48 on each of those.
The charge skills all were at like, level 30 also, by investing just one point in each.
Build up all the charges and release with dragon tail and everything went bye bye.

I think I used:

2x bul kathos wedding bands for +1 all skills each
String of Ears
Vampire Gaze
+2 Skill Balrog Skin
Gore Riders
+3MA Amulet
+MA skill gloves
2x Bartuc’s Cut Throat
And a whole lot of +1MA charms

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Good luck building a MA assassin. The best one I’ve come across is massive charms with lightning damage 2-99 (37) of them. A fools sword with lightning elemental damage 2 sockets with 2 facets and 40 ias. Griffons with a facet. 4 facet jeweler Archon plate of whale and 4 facet jeweler monarch of deflecting.

With some crazy crafted blood gloves with tri.resist 20 ias and 10 cb. A blood ring with 25 str 15 dex, light damage and attack rating Shadow dancers, tgods belt. But.good luck finding all that. You get high ias from gloves and weapon. Level 1 kick for 18k damage, keeping low kick count to be able to move and not get locked in place. Something like -75 light resist. 3k life( could be more with less damage)

The charms alone would be rare enough, level 82 required.

d2. maxroll. gg/d2planner/be01067z Get rid of the spaces.