M1 Mac No Sound Diablo 3

I’ve started to have an odd issue with Diablo 3… it also seems to effect StarCraft 2. All of a sudden no sound is playing. No matter what setting I put, there’s no sound and the only output settings I have in the game is “Default”. When I connect my PowerBeats Pro suddenly sounds start playing through the Beats and I have all my output settings available. At which point I can choose Mac Mini Speakers and it’ll work… until I put the beats back in there case… then the audio stops again. Even if I put the headset back on it won’t play audio again until I quit and relaunch the game…

I have a Mac Mini M1 running Monterey that I just fully updated


I had the same issue - found that the Apple silicon native version of the zoom client was causing a conflict.

After removing the zoom client, all traces from the library + the audio plugin itself followed by a restart sound returned as normal.