Lots of stuttering in multiplayer


GTX 1070
16gb RAM
installed to SSD

I don’t get any stuttering in single player, just multi. I’ve tried turning down graphic settings, turning on Low FX, and turning down sound channels, but it still stutters in MP. It’s really frustrating, especially given how the game only uses about 30% of my system resources. How do I fix this?

you cant its been going on for a few seasons and Blizzard don’t give a damn. See the many other posts about it.

You could change the file to disable sound as per previous posts and this does work perfectly (with no sound though), but I love sound so annoying. [Main Thread] Windows 19041 - Freezing for 5-10 seconds

It isn’t a freeze, it’s stuttering, but my frames read 60 regardless. I die sometimes because of it :frowning:

Have you tried lowering your sound settings to the lowest possible settings
Lowest ( 16 bit) inside the Options , Sound settings ?