Lore Behind Super Uniques

Was wondering if anyone has some good info to read on D2 lore regarding super uniques. Stuff like it’s thought that the Rogue in Diablo 1 became Blood Raven, the Sorcerer from Diablo 1 had something to do with the summoner, Shenk is baals general, Nihlathak always drops gold because Baal paid him off, but who is Bone Ash, and what’s he preaching about in the cathedral? Who was corpsefire, what’s the story behind Lorde De Seis being a badass, or Rakanishu being chanted by all the fallen, or better yet, WHO TF WAS PINDLESKIN?

Thanks in advance.

Bone ash is the kindly school priest who teaches scripture in the cathedral.

Corpsfire is an unexploded roving artillery shell. Its from hell, so it has to have legs.

Lorde De Seis is the spirit of the demonic sub-species called ummm ‘Popusist’ Apparently Lorde hits so hard the very spirit of the demonic communication web shakes.

Rakanishu is the avatar of suffering that enshrines the very existence of the Fallen.

Pindleskin used to own a hellradric cube.