Looking for ZDPS to help get over GR108 hump


I can run (with my condemn Crusader) GR106 fairly consistently, and GR108 with the right rift. If I could get better damage mitigation, I think I could do enough damage to do GR110-113.

I’m getting frustrated with the 108 cap I’ve hit, since I haven’t had a gear or gem upgrade in around 8 months (NS), so I was wondering if there were any people out there who could give me a lift so I can finally get over this hump?


hi i like crusaders too and i`ve played a lot him builds, i have good items in non season, but im playing this season for the nice buff that they are giving, he thing here is that the crusader scales a lot with strength, with more strength more toughness and more damage you deal, besides that the akkhan set is now the weakest set of the crusader, so if u want to play and chat about sader give your battletag and ill add you


Finally made the switch to Captain America build - GR112 in under 14 minutes. So much smoother flow!