Looking for Switch Friends

I can’t post in the looking for group thread because I only have Diablo 3 for the Nintendo Switch. I’d love to have some friends to play the game online since no one joined me in the two hours I played today.

friend code SW-6809-5228-5780

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Play mainly ns

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Your friend code is not working. You can add me SW-6809-5228-5780


Hey, D3 switch looking for friends or group to play with and maybe level up my characters. Current main characters: (seasonal) Monk lvl 70 para 47 and maybe help leveling up a new player soon. Code is SW-1402-6275-5236.

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Just started Season 22. Any help leveling up would be great! Add me for Nintendo switch. SW-3238-6253-8709. Thanks in advance.


this is my discord for group gaming, season info, and much more as well as other switch players.