Looking for some build help

Hi All

This is the first season I’ve rally gotten into the GR game and all has been smooth sailing up until i started pushing towards GR70 when i started getting 1 hit by basically anything. If i can get strafe going im ok-ish but getting the momentum up is an issue because i just keep getting nuked. Here is a link to a planner so you all can see what im rolling with (yeah i know its probably ghetto AF but that’s why im asking for help lol) ___https://maxroll.gg/d3/d3planner/284856209


You need CDR and lots of it since isn’t a 65% Dawn. Switch to a flawless royal diamond in helm asap. I’d switch to emeralds or diamonds in your armor as well.

Take the cheat death passive, take one on the follower as well. Look at the other toughness passives if needed.

Look at what the proper rolls are on each piece of gear and adjust, also which ones you need to replace such as your rings, are missing CHC/CHD rolls everywhere. Get the correct legendary gems, killing stuff before it has a chance to hurt you is part of the build.

When you enter a rift force stand still (remap the button to make it easier if needed), spam hungering arrow till you get 20 stacks of Momentum then start spinning, hit force stand still and tap HA every 4 seconds or as needed to keep stacks and keep Focus and Restraint up.

Farm a RoRG and cube it ASAP.

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Thanks dude this helped alot

The main damage dealer is your Hungering arrow.

You need to farm some key items for your build.

  1. Hunters wrath, belt.
  2. Depth Diggers, pants
  3. Farm for Focus and Restraint, rings (set)
  4. Fortress Ballista, xbow. It generates shields that will help you stay alive.
  5. New legendary gems l. See the guides.

The ring of royal grandeur was mentioned and definitely try to get one.

I would recommend you to have a look in the two stickied threads were you can find alot of valuable knowledge. These are the guides I mentioned earlier.

Lastly run level GR 60 if you are comfortable doing so with the setup you have in order to farm the above items.

Good luck and happy hunting :relaxed: