Looking For Season 27 Hardcore Group

Anyone wanna group for Hardcore Season start on Friday soon as soon as it starts? I plan to be Barbarian, get cube ASAP, challenge rift, then get to level 70 1st day. PC version- Hardcore. I will be playing all Friday from the start, and most of Saturday/Sunday/Monday

What server? The clan I’m in on NA is mostly Softcore players… there are 2 or 3 that will play HC but usually after then finish the season in regular mode. It might be fun to run with a group to level and grind out the Tal Rasha’s set from the gifts.

NA yes, after the initial level up technically it don’t matter, I mean it be fun to continue with a group and paragon level, but I am used to going solo after that as most people quit/don’t play as much as me, but the leveling phase is just so boring alone, so I want to group for that, and HOPEFULLY the season journey, but that’s another thing that other people usually seem less interested in then me. Would have to be HC though ya, I cant go back to softcore