Looking for powerlevel on PC NA

Hey, guys. Just looking for a generous person to give me a lift. Average#11812

hi, i could give you a lift to a seasonal or non-seasonal char. My btag is Niklaus#11499

hey! thanks for the response. i found a powerlevel the other day to 70. Now i am stuck playing the game on very low difficulty with trash gear on. are you able to run me through some t16’s? also, how do you message people on pc? i played this game a ton on xbox one years ago. im brand new to pc version pretty much

i can run on t16. I´ve joined lfg and trade chat, or add me as btag friend

i sent you a friend request. i fought with trying to find you yesterday, and never figured it out.

i´ve already accepted your request. Perhaps we were connected to different chat channels. I´ll log to D3 in the evening

I can run some 80-85 gr with you if you want add me !

SkullKnife#11962 that’s my gt I play in the afternoons/nights