Looking for more on PC

Returning player after a 7 year hiatus, I am enjoying the game again but have found softcore to be boring. Started playing HC, looking for more active players who would like to join up from time to time. If you have any questions hit me up.

Discord: Obsidian Spider#5948

Battle.net: SP1DER#1377

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I just got diablo 3 for PC (had it for ages on console) but I couldnt pass up the price of it for PC over the last few weeks or so, they had a deal buy d2r for pc and get d3 for free. I made a HC character and could use a partner in crime. I noticed not many people play HC and if they do, they are already in a tight knit group.

I also have a softcore wizard (just made it and claimed the gifts - complete the season since wizard set was really nice and easy) and can clear a GR100 with no problems.

My HC guy can clear a gr16 :slight_smile: lol hes lacking stuff but i did manage to get a RoRG and grinded out bounties for mats to cube it. Iā€™m set, now i just need some set pieces to drop! lol

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