Looking for friends as a semi-new player! (21+ only)

I just purchased the DLCs and wanted to play the game on a new toon since I didn’t like the older characters I made. If anyone is interested in playing with a newbie let me know!

Feel free to add me or comment with your bnet.


std11#1416 fairly new as well, just picked it up on pc i played the game when it was new on xbox

Not a new player but I’d gladly accept any new d3 friends! exluanis#1988

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just got back on to pc, playing d3 till d4 comes out

I’m down with a group, I mostly play solo, but it’s kinda boring after a while. going through the ‘routine’. at least with some players I / we could finish the game quicker.

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I’ll try to add everyone :slight_smile:

Bnet is EndureShock#1968
I am also looking for people to play with mostly play solo

Add me! Thrasher#1627

I haven’t played this game in years. Would love to catch up. Hit me up (will try to figure out how to read messages…).


I am also game… DN Necro 1K
PS. EU Server… I have added you all, but if you are NA it might be hard to play without lag

Would be keen to join also, haven’t played in years but wanna play till D4

Im game, hit me up and we can walk through this game and hope to git to torment 4 or 5. You game?

I would like to play aammbitiouss#1511