Looking for clan

Long time d2 player… played d3 at launch for a few months but didnt really like… played s27 only cause d4 is coming out soon… s28 looks like a blinder… looking for a clan to play s28 with and hoping clan carrys over to d4.

What platform are you looking for?

Im on pc
Hi mate, im on pc

Hi mate I may as well play on pc then I have on ps5 also but struggling to find people to play with I won’t be on till later though damn life gets in the way

All good bro. Im mature age and fulltime shift worker so my time is a bit wack…but keen to some group play in. Iv gone DH. Prob end up going santry multishot build.
The trap nats build is pretty complicated to operate but ill give it more time see how it goes.
Currently farming gr80s with a hungering strafe build but have all the gear needed to go maurauders