Looking for Clan

Hey together,
i searching for a Clan cause i only playing D3 alone and this is so boring.
I want in a clan for pushing Paragon and GRifts and talking.
Eu or US Server is good for me cause i want learning english while i playing D3.
By the way i’m 33 years old and i search a mature clan.

Hey there. add me on discord if you like Ninjas Dynasty#9956 we do have discord but we use Guilded. if your interested. i like to grow our team more and move to diablo 4. all i ask for is this.

  1. Have mic.
  2. be age 18+
  3. Join us in Guilded. i do have discord but we dont use it. YOu can add me on discord Ninjas Dynasty#9956 and i will help you get on Guilded.
  4. Be active and have fun.