Looking for Clan NA

East Coast time zone player. Just returning to D3. Played early and made leaderboards in S5 & 6. Not sure I want to push that hard this season. Went to POE and D2. Playing Tal Rahsa Meteor Wizard - 1100 paragon. Late start just a week ago. Looking to relearn the game with active players.

I have join 3 clans in the past week. Looking for where people play together. Why do we have clans because in all 3. Nobody plays together so why have a clan. In one of them there was 10 people playing. Not one of them were playing together.

Plus all 3 it was where you couldn’t join any of those people. Because they had the quick join turn off. I’m on the east coast too. I did have a clan yrs ago and most of the people in the clan were from Brazil. But as the game goes on most them move on.

But good luck on finding a clan maybe you find one That people really play together too. :thinking: