Looking for a mellow clan for mature players?

The OBG is a well established clan on the US server. Our clan leaders are always ready to help folks just learning the game and can supply advice on all aspects of the game. Our only rules are no bots and no rudeness to fellow clan members. We also have folks who like to push meta groups and have achieved 150 GR status but we also have members who want to progress at their own pace.


Hello, i am interested in joining up.

Would be interested in having a conversation with you sometime soon . I’ll check back when I finish work today

I sent you a friends request. Sarge

Hey sarge, did not receive a request if you would like to try again it is Robilar#1610, also i sent one to you

I’ve recently gotten back into the game, and am looking for people to do some casual experience runs with. I generally play between 8:30-10:30pm CST during the week, and later on the weekends. I also plan on playing S24 Barbarian; do you have seasonal players?

If you haven’t hit capacity yet, I’d like to join.

Hello. Older player here who got a late start on season 23 after being away for quite some time. I would love to join if you still have room…Pastafazool#1530. Thank you.

Do you have a discord or similar I could join? I like my clan, but it’s small and I’m looking for more communities to run with.

Adding you to friends. I’m interested in knowing more about your clan.

Habeuscorpus#1131- Gamertag

I am looking to game with somewhat older players, but honestly, I need people that can take a joke and throw it right back ya. Nothing serious, but serious enough that we can all progress through to endgame material, as a crew.


I’d like to join as well - Dobbin#1833 Gamertag

Would be very interested in joining

Hello there.
I’m a returning player, looking for some people to play with.
Casual but meta with the objective to at the end of the season be doing 150s.
I’m currently 1500 paragon with a DH and a necro.
I’ve submitted my clan request inside the game.

I am looking for a clan that is mature and fairly active. I work weird hours, but try to play 3-5 times per week. Just looking for a fun clan to run around with, not a hardcore end game clan. If you have any room, I would love to join.

Hey I’d like to join. Just started a game. Doing story mode then leveling to 60.

Max level is 70 these days. :wink:

I would like to join.

Returning player, I’m looking for a mellow clan to join I’d love to be apart of yours

Veteran play looking for a mature group. Play everyday whenever I have time. Willing to help others!! Looking forward to meeting yall

Looking to join up as well, enjoy playing D3 and helping others push. Would like to get to GR 150 someday