Looking for a clan or ppl

Just got back into Diablo after a very long time play Diablo 2 on Xbox now playing Diablo two and Diablo 3 on PC so looking for a clan or group of people to play with and get prepared for Diablo 4 usually late nights is when I’m on Eastern Time between work and kids usually 9:00 PM eastern I get on for a few hours

Discord: Power Clax#2285
Blizzard: PowerClax


Hai I"m PinupPanda#1455 on battle net/ i’m looking for ppl to play with. US NA english. Also have discord

Hello! I just got into playing Diablo 3 on PC. I’m not the best player but I enjoy the game and love to learn. I am always looking for new friends to play the game with.

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Hit me up. I too am back after a long break. like to play but not an extremist/elite. also play later at night on eastern time zone(maine). flexible, easy going.

U4iK#11692 add me