LoN Dart build solo 139

So, a couple of days ago I pushed a set of 13 Whispers to 140 and augmented all of my LoN Dart build. I was hard stopped at GR 138. After 2000 paragon and the best augments I soloed a 139 in 11 minutes. This will not get me my 150 leg gems. One of the last items on my ToDo list.

I know it’s a ‘B’ tier build but I’m not able to make the other WD builds work for me.

Within 30 minutes of starting a Wizard I had a fully geared Meteor Firebird minus The Smoldering Core. by the end of the day I had two Cores and one was a legendary. This build only really works in a crowd.

Is [the meta] really all now about fishing for the perfect [crowd] rift? I was hoping for more.

you cant play this class until you get at least 3k paragon from playing a good class. Try Rathma if you want to up your gems to 150.

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I looked into playing Necro and rejected it.

Of the five S-Tier builds three require GR fishing (I hate key farming and refuse to fish), one is very squishy (I’m done playing glass cannons) and the last has low single target damage.

That last one is bone-spear. I was a huge fan of Bone-spear in D2. That low single target damage is just “not good”. Spending more than a third of the rift fighting the Boss is a royal pain that I cannot endure. Many times I’ve missed the 15:00 mark by seconds and I refuse to play another trash-killer Boss-weak build.

Thanks for the suggestion though. I started a wizard but change my mind and created a zDPS Demon Hunter instead. I’ll get my 150s as a team player. Maybe with 350 more paragon my LoN Dart will as you say will ‘become viable’.

[Edit: I rejected calling Bone-Spear a “Trash-Killer Boss-Miller” because I thought the joke would go over too many heads. Miller->millstone->grind as in it would be a grind to slowly sand/mill away a Boss’s hit points]