LoD WOL or Inna’s Mystic Ally

Greetings all,

I was wondering what is considered more fun. LoD WOL or Inna’s Mystic Ally?

Please let me know your opinions and thoughts. I already have over 1600+ paragon and the altar of rites filled out so it’s not for starting up.

Please help I don’t know which to choose/ HELP{ HELP HELP ME PLEAEESE

LOD WOL has a much longer gearing process and requires sufficient cooldown reduction (CDR) to maintain 100% epiphany uptime with the zodiac ring equipped (or in the cube). LOD WOL is heavily favored by the S28 altar theme for the following reasons, assuming a fully unlocked altar:

  • big toughness buffs against both trash and bosses, particularly when you have to pull stuff in with cyclone strike
  • CC immunity, which DOES apply to stone gauntlets, so you don’t get frozen and die if epiphany drops while being hit
  • spirit gained on critical hit
  • uncapped movement speed bonus to get out of danger
  • 10 minute (with gloves of worship on follower) empowered shrine proc from using a potion, which grants 50% (multiplicative) more CDR on top of that from your gear and follower (if using an enchantress). This buff also grants more resource generation, but this is minor relative to the CDR gained.

The last point above with empowered shrine is HUGE for any builds this season that are dependent on cooldowns and CDR.

LOD WOL monk is still a difficult build to play properly relative to inna monk, but the S28 altar strongly compensates for numerous weaknesses of LOD WOL. Your only challenge now is pretty much getting most/all ancient versions of the required gear pieces.

Inna monk is still king for regular rifts, bounties, and probably speed GRs, but I’m assuming your question focuses on GR pushing in S28, in which LOD WOL monk easily wins with the proper gear.


Wow. That seems really cool.

The Inna monk seems fun too. I just don’t know

Well, it depends on who I’m speaking to here, a relatively new player or one who has been playing D3 in an endgame GR pushing environment for a while. I am the latter. The vast majority of monk players are true “casual” players and will find the inna monk build way more enjoyable for all of their D3 activities.

Inna monk received big nerfs a few seasons ago but it is still a solid A-tier build, which means it isn’t the best for pushing, but it won’t be that far behind in the number of GR pushing tiers.

Virtually everyone that wants to run LOD WOL monk build first gears up through the inna monk build because it is simply the best monk build (with different variants) for bounties, regular rifts, and speed GRs (2-3 min clear time).

Therefore, a person like you will probably have to play inna monk before they play LOD WOL monk, unless you are sitting on a stash full of the proper ancient pieces for the LOD WOL build. The only “required” non-set pieces for the inna monk build are the legendary “crudest boots” and the legendary “bracers of the gods”. Both of these items are found pretty easily through various methods like regular rifts, gambling at kadala, and upgrading rare boots/bracers through cube recipe #3.

You can find guides for both of these builds and many others at maxroll.gg

Those guides layout the mandatory items for each build, advantages, disadvantages, common skill choices, typical gameplay, etc.