LOD vs Trag'oul D Nova... Did you try the LOD version?

I just built and tried the trag’oul D nova build, off season with 125 augments and medium quality ancients… you can check the char on EU.

It’s underwhelming to say the least, especially for speed runs. I did 110 at 6 mins, with 1900 paragons. The nerfed innas water ally build still does it far better! - around 4 mins but not 2 mins as it was before.

Did anyone try the LOD version? Was it better? Worse?

The big hype over D Nova was using the Seasonal power not any of the changes in the base patch.

The damage from the seasonal power is minimal. Wudijo and others playing at GR120+ with far more paragons than me reported so.

This is the reason why I built this off-season.

Dunno what to tell you then. Is the set off-season updated with the changes correctly?

Yes, it looks that way.

Also if you try it, don’t forget to re-roll the legendaries. As old ones will be legacy with powers missing in the previous patch.

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Indeed, I won’t bother with it until in Season myself tho.

I built everything from scratch more or less, spent about 700 bounties mats on re-rolls. It took about 2 hours of crafting.

Now I wish I had my mats and time back… :frowning:

Yah, I tried to look at your build but only getting a 500 error.

it seems that after the patch, all characters I accessed have bugged armory pages.

I imagine the server that hosts the profiles is just down temporarily. I get the same error trying to view my own as well.

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As it was said the build is subject to fishing, I did manage to do a few 4:30 clears at 110.

but still I expected a 115-120 at 3mins speeds performace…

Make sure you have a new Iron Rose. I started playing then noticed mine was missing a whole bunch of affixes lol.

Yes, I created a new one, and it seems like that’s the hardest item to roll good. Along with the pick out of season.

To be fair the build is kinda weird. I did a 115 in 6 mins, but going lower doesn’t make your time that much faster, i.e 110 and 105 at 4mins. Perhaps with better items and some time and +100 paragons it will be faster?

It’s very tanky for speeds, far more than innas without the bubble.

I think LoD is aimed towards very high paragon players. Trag Oul is pretty solid though. Did a 130 pretty easily. Very tanky. I got Blighter and was able to stand on top of him in the poison cloud and survive ok.

Well with 5,6k paragon I can imagine that.

Perhaps this is a build that can be lucky with out of depth clears relying on density.
i.e. I can imagine me with 1900p clearing a 125 or 128 with fishing. But you need that pylon for the guardian at the end.

Still I’d like to hear if the LOD version is ahead a few tiers.

The new crusader rework as the same problem as TG. Solo targets are stinky. The season theme will help a lot so I wouldn’t worry too much. It will be an enjoyable build. Rathma is a lot better, you can see the 130 vs time. But I think TG is more fun for speeds because you dont die as much, lol.

It’s disgusting how much their designs favour playing with teams in multiplayer. Forget about the team xp bonus - it’s too small.

But although tragoul is useless as an RGK, put him with a barbarian to group the enemies in S27 and he can nuke everything to the moon and beyond.