LoD Poison Dart needs a new Shoulder

LOD Poison Dart does still need to be buffed and should be given a new shoulder: Your Big Bad Voodoo has doubled its duration now.
My note:I found out that someone actually has The Corruption(Shoulder) made by the blacksmith in the past, which can increase Gold and health pick up by 6 yards. But later on, Blizzard thought that the picking distance of this Shoulder was too long, so it was changed to 2 yards. However, the previously players retained this Shoulder benefited from its, which is obviously unfair,Picking distance is important for the witch doctor, so I suggest Devs create a new and useful legendary shoulder for LoD Poison Dart.

If you want to be effective with the Zunimassa set, you must equip the Auguilg set.
No need to create or modify shoulders.

He’s talking about the LOD version, which does less damage than Zuni version but doesn’t explode the moment a stiff breeze blows your way.

And yes the game desperately needs more decent legendary shoulders. Not everyone is a channeling build (using mantle of channeling) or a monk (using lefebvre). Leoric’s shoulders are a joke. Who wants RNG at the moment of death.

LoD Poison Dart needs some love,the strength is lower than expection.