LoD HotA recommendations

Another week and another set that I am trying and hence another looking for a bit more recommendations from the experts in this forum. I am trying to put together a LoD HotA set using the tutorial here: https://maxroll.gg/d3/guides/lod-hota-barbarian-guide. I see there is also a guide in this forum itself but I don’t have everything required: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/d3/t/guide-fire-lon-hota-season-17/91.

Here is my set up so far:

My LoD gem is about Level 40 and BoT is a little higher in level. 3 of the items are ancients.

Is there any recommendation you could give on how to improve this build? My bard dies about 4x during each T16 Nephalem run and also I am hoping to be able to kill the yellow monsters in under 3 shots.

Also when I am playing this, my strategy is to rotate between left and right mouse clicks (since I need the left to keep my protection), also on the keyboard I rotate between skills 1-3 (and use call of ancients only when I am dying or during Rift Guardian fight). Is this the right approach when using this set or I should use one of the skills a bit more/less frequently than the others?

Finally I am for Amulet I am using the Hellfire strength not the Squirt’s Necklace since my Squirt’s Necklace could not roll a socket (tried two different ones). Is it better to stick to Hellfire or I should switch to Squirt instead even though I’d ended up having one legendary gem socket in my entire set only? Similarly for the ORZ the one I am wearing now is an ancient legendary but has no socket (tried to roll a dozen times already) but I have a non-ancient one that has a socket, should I wear the one with a socket or should I use ancient but with no socket?

Thanks all!

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Done, thanks a lot for the suggestion!

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If you want to be efficient use WWrend for everything outside of gem ups and pushes. It excels at farming anything you need. Find your gear first then make your LOD build.


Thanks, I was trying to get HotA in order to complete this task for S27:

  • Kill Malthael at level 70 in one minute and 30 seconds on Torment XIII difficulty.

I assume using HotA would be easier than using WW barb since it deals more damage and hopefully could kill the boss faster…or did I misunderstand the situation?

A full set of any build will one shot anything in t16. The difference is rend can be build for speed. This means more drops,keys,shards. LOD hota is not efficient at speedy things. Also without full ancients on LOD you are missing a lot of damage.


You seem to be missing a third legendary gem?

Three legendary gems is mandatory. You need one in each piece of jewelry, and you’ll need to double-check that your follower is emanating the correct (required) items.

Notwig’s suggestion of using Zodiac Rend to farm everything outside of gem-ups is spot-on. Rend is very strong and very flexible, and the build’s speed and flexibility will help you gear up. LOD builds are extremely gear dependent; our sole viable LOD build (HOTA) isn’t something I would recommend at your Paragon level, but I’ve been out of the game a while and other players may have better, more current insight.