Little Red - The beginning

Once upon a time there was nothing but nothingness. It was very odd, because, well, nothing to see, nothing to hear, nothing to speak… Then there was realization dawning in…

Why am I so red? Oh, actually I think I like red.

What are all this terrible moaning sounds? Can I have more of that „music“?

Where is everybody? I need to talk about ‘this’!

:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:! What am I, err ‘who’ am I??? And what is ‘this’ where ever ‘this’ is?

That awful smell of blood and sulfur and – wow, it makes me drool!

Don’t let me get more grumpy as I already am, this will not end well for anybody but me!

“Servants, bring me a mirror! SERVANTS!” Ahhh, forgot - need to ‘make’ me some first. Oh, that pervertedly uber-sized crystal should do… Uh, nice tail! And that horns!!!

I need followers to adore me, to serve me and to… “Who are you? I mean, you look a lot like me!?”

You are my brothers and I have a name and it is ‘Diablo’? That…

“What are ‘we’, what is ‘this’, how did I get ‘here’? And why do I have that deeply nagging feeling that I have lived many many times before???”

Our time will come to an end if I don’t get a grip on myself and start being myself NOW and do what I do best?

Well, let’s see about that then! I’ll give them ‘See no evil, hear no evil speak no evil!’

And they killed happily ever after… They got killed… Repeat…

To be continued… By anyone…