Links to D2 Sorceress Builds

Newer maxroll guides for multiple sorceress buils:
Diablo 2 Resurrected Character Build Guides -

Older build guides
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[Build] Tri Sorc Caster Revision 4 MF/KeyRunner/Baal/Rusher/Organs(Lillith is Hard)


Real hero. Thank you

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Nice. I haven’t played in about a year. I know lightning is the top build but gear dependent. Is it still between blizz and orb ballers for starter sorceress builds?

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[Build] Tri Sorc Caster Revision 4 MF/KeyRunner/Baal/Rusher/Organs(Lillith is Hard)

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Considering the high% of people who will be playing Sorc at release, this is a great resource for everyone to check out! Probably 50%+ Sorc on Day1 lol…

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I will be sorceress first.

Even if you do not like my opinions, I do try to be helpful sometimes :wink:

ya’ll can have my scraps… see you there :wink:

I played barbarian and Paladin in my many years of d2 and d2 lod. I was curious, if i want to make MF sorc… Best for ice or lightning?

The builds in this guide are from ancient times. I would not use these builds as they are very bad.

Ye these are old guides. just launched go check it out guys. Solid newly made guides here

Update the OP to include link to maxroll.